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We work at Canolfan Hermon to raise funds for other charities, local youth groups, health research of cancer, motor neuron disease and many more. And like any charity, we are also always needing to raise funds for our own continuation. Every day there are costs to meet; maintenance of the center, repair, replacement, cleaning, provision of services we offer the community, office costs, website and promotion to name some of them. In the future we may mount some more specific targets for maintaining, developing and improving Canolfan Hermon’s infrastructure. All these things enable us to facilitate many ways of interacting with the community, both local and on a wider level.

To contribute anything toward our charity please just click the above DONATE button and enter the amount you wish to give. A PayPal account is not necessary – you can use many card types to give the funds ~ thanks.

Meanwhile, a huge thanks goes to all those organisations which have granted monies to help create our present day Canolfan Hermon Center. Also a massive thank you to all the individuals who have given Canolfan Hermon help and financial support along the way, especially those locals who have bought shares in the project. And finally we celebrate our community through all those who have helped in the past and continue to share their time through volunteering. New volunteers are warmly invited and welcomed into our working community.