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Our Journey In Pictures

We’ve come a long way ….

Ysgol Hermon - local village school (until 2006)Meeting were held to save the school from closureClosure came by Council decisionAriel view of Ysgol HermonCouncilor Lyn Davies & Eric Davies at the closed School gatesThe empty School & grounds were offered to the community for £120,000Old toilets beside the schoolOld canteen behind the schoolLocals meeting to discuss share offers & raise money towards buying the siteLyn, Cris, Eric & Jen with the share certificates ready to beginMoney to buy the school site for the communityPlans hatched for development into a community resource centreRipping up the playgroundReady to begin the new building.Foundations - Enzo contractors now working on the siteFootings and base walls in placeDrains & insulation all doneMess reinforcement overlaid with concrete slabThe pre-fabricated panel assembly beginsGround floor walls in placeScaffolding to enable first floor panels to be installedThe building is shaping upFirst floor joists give the main hall room a ceilingCanolfan Hermon continues to rise!Lots of action as the fabrication of the wooden structure progresses well.The roof takes shapeThe internal wooden beams are a fantastic featureThe fwooden jigsaw is almost completeSheeted, battoned and slates begunThe modern lines really beginning to showThe BIG LOTTERY grant boosts fundsWork moves toward joining onto the old building - Enzo contract stalls, then stops.Enzo go bust& the contract stops with the roof still open at the backMany timbers are sodden & have to be striped outThe floor is almost 50mm out of level so is redone.The cost of fixing all this is massive both in time & money.Picking up after the damage & getting the roof watertightThe ancient and modern buildings alignedHolly & ****** work tirelessly to keep the project movingBeautiful hardwood doors to the Glogue balconyLocals repair, replace & conntinue where the failed & broken Enzo contract damaged so much and cost so much.Internal beams and modern shapes excite the eyeThe feature windows and externals are almost finishedBeautiful wooden details cloth some parts of the building.The lights are on and the main hall is in use.Cris Tomos proudly heads the opening day ceremoniesTrevor, the architect , happy that this day has arrived.Local MP Stephen Crabb praises the community & the eco-building.Mrs Maureen George - final head of Ysgol Hermon, is proud to open the beautiful Canolfan Hermon.The main hall is filled with excitement on opening dayCanolfan Hermon begins to serve the Community & stand as a beacon of eco-friendly evolution.

The Grand Opening Day : 28th September 2013