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For clarity, the use of the term “hirer” means the person or persons who hire the available resources of Canolfan Hermon be they an individual, a group of individuals or a society, club or business.
The Hirer shall;
a) Use the facilities in a responsible manner leaving the Canolfan, Car Park, surrounding area and contents in the same condition as found.
b) be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of any damage or loss caused to any part of the Canolfan, Car Park, surrounding area and contents in connection with the hire.
c) Report all damage or loss the Management immediately or within 24 hours of leaving the Canolfan.
d) co-operate with Management to take responsibility for the supervision of the premises, the fabric and contents, and the behaviour of all persons using the premises during the hire period. This will extend to the car park and surrounding area, in particular the hirer must co-operate to ensure there is no disturbance to local residents and no car park overflow.
e) Show consideration when more than one event is taking place at the same time, to other hirer(s).
f) Ensure that the Canolfan and its contents are left in a clean and tidy condition.
g) Ensure any Rubbish to be segregated appropriately and bagged and secured in the appropriate area.
h) Shall be responsible for the safety of all persons at their event and for the safe and proper use of all equipment and also complying with all Health and Safety Rules as displayed.
i) Consult with management if you wish to temporarily decorate the room for the event, and indicate this on the booking form.
j) Not decorate any of the rooms, walls, ceilings, corridors or any part of the premises without prior written consent of Canolfan Hermon.
a) The hirer shall make payment in full prior to or on the date of the event on return of the Booking From.
b) Provisional bookings can be held for up to 7 days before a signed Booking Form is received.
c) Payment shall be made in cash or by cheque only. No card payments are permitted.
a) The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse any application, postpone or cancel a hiring and revise the charges from time to time. Every effort will be made to give reasonable notice should any of these actions prove necessary.
b) If the Hirer cancels the Booking for any reason whatsoever:
a. More than 1 month prior, the hirer shall be entitled to 100% refund
b. 2 to 4 weeks prior, the hirer shall be entitled to 75% refund
c. 1 to 2 weeks prior, the hirer shall be entitled to 50% refund
d. Up to 1 week, the hirer shall not be entitled to any refund.
a) The Hirer shall, on making the booking, inform the Management if food and, or refreshments will be served at the event. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to comply with all current Food Hygiene rules and regulations. Any outside caterer contracted by the Hirer, must also comply with current regulations.
a) No alcoholic drinks are to be brought onto the premises by the Hirer or attendees of the Hirer’s event. A bar can be made available at the Hall, by prior agreement with the Management, which will be under the supervision of the management or their nominee.
a) The Management accepts no responsibility for any stored equipment or other hirers property brought onto or left on the premises, and any liability for loss or damage is hereby excluded.
b) The Hirer shall indemnify against all claims in respect of damage or loss of property arising as a result of the use of the premises by the Hirer.
a) Canolfan Hermon shall not be responsible for any loss or damages to any person or property arising from or during the hire which may cause the building to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted, suspended or cancelled.
a) The Management does not undertake to maintain any insurance save that required by law. The Hirer shall take out adequate insurance to cover the Hirer and members of the Hirer’s organisation and invitees against all claims arising as a result of the hire and on demand, shall produce the policy or other evidence of cover to the Management Committee.
a) The Hirer(s) named on the booking form is responsible for complying with these conditions. They shall not assign or share the benefit of the Hiring agreement without due notice to Management.
a) The Hiring may be terminated by notice given by the Management Committee if:
I. any fee is not paid on time
II. any unacceptable behaviour is observed
III. any of the above conditions are not complied with or broken.
IV. The Management decision is final

Supplementary Information Access and Egress from the Building (ALLWEDDI a LARYMAU – KEYS AND ALARMS;)
If there are no other users in the building at the time of your booking, you will need to collect the access key and deactivate the alarm as follows
a. There is a KEYSAFE located at the side of the premises (the side of the playing field) which contains the key for the main doors.
b. As you walk up the side of the building you will see the kitchen door and window on your right. On the wall to the left of the window is the KEYSAFE.
c. You will have been given a pass code a few days before your booking; please enter the code to access the keys.
e. The alarm keypad is to your left just inside the main doors.
f. Please enter the same 4 digit code you used for the keysafe to de-activate the alarm.
g. Light switches for the entrance & the hall (one strip) are also to your left inside the main doors.
h. For the rest of the lights and heating/cooling for the hall you must open the bar door (the door to the right of the bar roller shutter).
i. Just inside the bar door to your left are all the light switches for the hall and the controller for the heating/cooling in main hall.
j. For other rooms light switches should be apparent & there are thermostatic controllers for the heating

a. When you leave the building please check to see if you’re the last occupant to leave.
b. If you are the last one to leave please RE-ARM the Alarm.
c. MAKE SURE ALL DOORS ARE SHUT, then enter the same 4 digit code and press “YES” to confirm.
d. A loud siren will start, indicating you then have 30 seconds to leave the building and lock the door.
e. Please place the key back in key safe.

The Fire and Security alarms do not automatically ring through to the Police or Fire Service, so please dial 999 to call them if necessary. If either alarm sounds at any time and you are unable to switch them off, please call the Emergency Contact Number displayed by the security alarm keypad.
There is a First Aid Kit in the kitchen and another at the front desk by the main entrance. If you or anyone attending your event has an accident of any sort, please fill out the accident book which is stored with the First Aid Kits.